Introductory Questions

1. My name is David Cho. I am a senior with a major in Biology and minor in Design

2. I have always enjoyed the fine arts and aspects of design but never explored website design and coding. I wanted to learn the different ways and mediums to express design.

3. I don't have any experience with HTML/CSS/JS

4. I hope to learn how to create interactive web designs that engage the user.

5. I think the difference between the two mediums will lie in the use of interactive components. On a screen, there will be movement and components that the user can engage with on a personal level. Meanwhile, design on paper is more confined and stationary.

6. Soko Glam is a great example because it makes shopping very convenient and entertaining. The font and colors used are also in tune with the branding.

7. Allkpop delivers effective communication as it is ranks the popularity of each article with a interactive headline. The website for pop news is appealing because it is not too daunting like other news sites.

8. I think Airbnb works well because it immediately directs the user with what they are looking for: available places to stay, ratings, prices, and locations in a fun user-friendly fashion. The colors are simple but effective--emphasizing the important parts with a single bright color.